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New Release Coming Summer of 2021

Sweet SerenadeDaniel Stratman
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CD TEASER: Sweet Serenade - off the soon-to-be-release CD from Daniel Stratman this summer shown to the left.  Click above to listen and get a sound for what's to come from the new CD..


Fishin With Me
Daniel Stratman - (A Place Called) Mullege




There are songwriters, there are singers and there are musicians … then there’s Daniel Stratman. 


For over 30 years this talented troubadour has been entertaining the masses with his pop-friendly ballads and likable "Average Joe" persona. It's not unusual to hear, "Who wrote that song?" from someone in the audience enjoying a Daniel Stratman original. 


His words and melodies have an air of familiarity. Daniel's songs are distinctive, charismatic and appeal to a wide audience. It's a diverse blend inspired, primarily, from the Southern California lifestyle he's been part of for the last 25 (+) years. Combined with intelligent lyric and a coastal “vibe,” Daniel flows between country, folk, rock, and pop music themes with ease. 


Stratman's style is full of imagination and has exceptional crossover potential. His music represent glimpses of life and the strong emotions that oftentimes surround it. Daniel says, "I enjoy music where the musicians play fewer notes, yet make them mean more." With 5 cd's already in the “can” and showing no signs of slowing down, it's safe to say the best is yet to come.


Daniel remains a full time artist and keeps an active performance schedule.