Daniel Stratman

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NEW RELEASE- "Real Life"

$ 18.00 USD

The newest release from Daniel Stratman "Real Life".

The CD contains 10 songs that are all very individual and distinctive. The title track, "Real Life," is depicted on the cover by using an historic Midwestern farm house built in 1853.

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10 Track Album:

1.Honey Bunny Blues

2.Reaching Out

3. Real Life

4.That's What I'll Do

5. All I Need Is A Crowd

6.Count Me All In

7.Granny Bones

8.Until The Rain Stops Falling

9.Uncle Sam's

10. Not Enough

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White Sage

$ 12.97 USD

White Sage.. Featuring the hit single"Fishin' With Me"

10 TRACK Album

  1. A Long Time Comin'
  2.  My Big Adventure
  3.  In Her Daddy's Arms
  4. Fishin' with Me
  5. Right on Time
  6. What About That
  7. Better Man
  8. How many Times
  9. Some Kind of Life (feat. Joanna Pearl)
  10. Only Love You More

Daniel's Cafe

$ 11.97 USD

"Daniel's cafe"  includes 10 songs that he peppered with some interesting percussion and an array of instrumentation.

  1. 1.Marco Polo
  2. Coming Home
  3. St Luci
  4. Mousetrap
  5. Savanna
  6. Fennelly O'Farrell
  7. A Walk in the Park
  8. Go Daddy
  9. Apaché Nation
  10. Bountiful

Somewhere on an Island

$ 12.97 USD

Somewhere on an Island
Daniel Stratman © Copyright-Daniel Stratman
Record Label: Daniel Stratman

11 Tracks


In Search of Fire

$ 12.97 USD

In Search of Fire
Daniel Stratman © Copyright-Daniel Stratman 
Record Label: Rainband

11 Tracks

This Christmas MP3 single

$ 1.00 USD

This Christmas MP3 Single